374 sqft

416 sqft

350 sqft

Main floor: 341 sqft, Single loft: 33 sqft

 26′ long x 13’4″ tall, 8.5′ wide in travel mode, 15.5′ when expanded

Sleeps five

Main floor: 358 sqft, Queen loft: 58 sqft

28′ long x 13’4″ tall, 8.5′ wide in travel mode, 15.5′ when expanded

Sleeps six

Main floor: 238 sqft, Queen elevator loft: 58 sqft, Queen stationary loft: 58 sqft

28′ long x 13’4″ tall, 8.5′ wide

Sleeps six


All of our homes are RVIA/CSA certified as a Tiny House RV

Every home comes with a full size three piece appliance package

Delivery to mainland Nth America: $1.80/mile to a maximum of $3k USD

Our lead time from order to delivery will never exceed 10 weeks!

All of our homes have R24 walls, R40 roof and floors

There are no tariffs, taxes or duties for our US based customers

Our Aurora range starts at $60/sqft less than comparable traditional tiny homes

All of our homes are one tow-able and require no transit permits

Got more questions? We have answers...

Spacious tiny living that means no sacrifices...

Experience the difference in how livable a ZeroSquared tiny house is in comparison to most others. Focusing on increasing the functional living space and allowing for the creation of distinct areas in your tiny house changes everything! Livability and functionality are at the core of our design.

Full Size is Standard

From the kitchen, to the bathroom, and our ground floor bedrooms (no more crawling down a ladder in the middle of the night), our homes are designed to preserve the simple luxuries of life we take for granted. From a full sized shower to a full size fridge, range and microwave each of our homes will not leave you missing much after downsizing with Zerosquared. 

Abundance of Storage

Yes, yes, we know the joys of living tiny is about shedding the stuff that we don’t need to make us happy. Living tiny though does present the challenge of managing the visible clutter that is so much more apparent in small space living. This is the reason why we design in so much extra storage into our homes and is at least double that you see in most others…keeping the necessities behind a cabinet door is key to enjoyable small space living!    

All About Design!

We design our tiny homes from the ground up starting with a purpose built chassis substructure that is optimized for travelling strength and weight reduction. Every component we add into our tiny homes is carefully selected for strength, durability, weight reduction and of course how it effects the health and well being of the occupant. 


Our virtual walk through of the Aurora FKS allows you to get the feel of the SPACE this expandable tiny home offers.


Order your Aurora model now

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