A BIG leap in tiny homes!

Introducing Aurora by ZeroSquared

A revolutionary tiny home designed by a team of award winning designers and constructed as a partnership between Creative Coefficient and Westwind Design Group, who have been making unique creations for over 37 years.

Bringing the Aurora to Life – Part 1

Downsize Without Downgrading!

Aurora is an expandable tiny house designed around one idea: downsizing without downgrading.


Unique expandable design
374 total square feet


Beautiful modern design
Unlike any other tiny home

Modern Features

High quality materials and fixtures
Advanced Technology

Canadian Proof

Comfortable all-year living
(even Canadian winters)


Bedroom is on ground floor (not in a loft)

Superior construction

Quick fabrication period using heavily insulated construction materials that are eco-friendly and safe.

Spacious tiny living.

That means no sacrifices !

Experience the difference in how livable a ZeroSquared tiny house is in comparison to most others. Increasing living space to 374 total sqft and allowing for the creation of distinct areas in your tiny house changes everything! Livability and functionality were at the core of our design.

From appliances, to the bathroom, to a ground floor bedroom (so you don’t have to crawl down a ladder in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom), Aurora is designed to not sacrifice the simple luxuries of life we take for granted. From a full sized shower to a full size fridge, the Aurora will not leave you missing much.


Quality Environmentally-Safe Structure

While most tiny homes are built and framed in a traditional manner, ZeroSquared homes are built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), resulting in superior insulation and greater strength compared to traditionally framed and insulated tiny homes. ZeroSquared tiny homes use environmentally-friendly structural insulated building panels composed of prefabricated polyurethane foam insulation wrapped in a vapor barrier. This allows for an extremely tight fit, keeping the inside in and the outside out. The panels have a Class 1 fire rating and the studs encapsulated in impermeable foam and vapor barrier prevents rot. Simply top of class.

Unique Expandable Structure

Ingenious Design

We created ZeroSquared as a solution. We believe we can help people live happier lives with less stress. We can give you comfort, functionality and freedom.

Modern Layout

Every detail from the spacious shower to your bedroom (that doubles as an office) will have you forgetting you are in a tiny home.

Ample Storage

Storage spaces are present above the couch, above the TV, the TV bench, cabinet besides the couches, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and the entire loft.

Pre-order your Aurora model now:

It’s attainable. Let us know you’re interested and a friendly no-pressure representative will contact you to provide more detailed information and guide you through the process. Start your journey to a better life today!