The Flex is our version of a Tiny House SHELL

The Flex is a great option for those looking to completely customize the interior and exterior of the unit to fit your needs. Equipped with our unique expandable slides and seal system, the Aurora Flex is ready for your touch. Whether you turn it into a second home, office space, or home gym, the Flex has endless potential only limited by your imagination. With a construction period of 3-4 weeks we can have the Flex to you in no time, so you can get started on this exciting project right away.

Please note: Because the Flex does not include mechanical systems we cannot certify as an RVIA/CSA compliant home. We can of course work with you on including those if if the RVIA/CSA compliance is required.
Aurora Flex
From: $28,500 USD/$37,000 CAD*
341 square feet
Purpose built engineered Chassis
Our fully integrated slide system
Slide Floor - R24 closed cell two pound spray foam insulation
Typar rainscreen and house wrap
Window rough opening
Road lights
Basic exterior entry door
*CAD pricing subject to currency exchange at time of order

The Aurora Flex is the core of our  Aurora range of homes.

Take a virtual tour of our FKS and imagine what your tiny home will become!