We recently spoke with the very first owners of an Aurora tiny home and want to let you know what they had to say! Becoming an owner of the first customer production from a new tiny home builder is a big risk – we are so incredibly grateful to our Aurora 001 owners for taking a chance and trusting us to build their home. They have been in their home for about 9 months and have lived through a Colorado winter. Read below to see their review on ZeroSquared and the Aurora…


  •  Why did you choose the Aurora and ZeroSquared over other tiny homes and tiny home builders? 

The Aurora is the only model that I found after 1.5 yrs. of looking that has double slides.  If it wasn’t for the double slides we would not be living in a tiny house.  We did not want to climb up into a loft. and  8.5ft wide was too narrow.

  • Is there anything you would change about your Aurora?

I can’t think of anything.

  • What was your favourite thing about working with ZeroSquared?

I don’t think we had a specific favorite. The whole process was very easy.

  • Did the Aurora meet your expectations?

Yes very much so.  Love it!!

  • What are your 3 favourite things about the Aurora?

Double slides, The Openness inside, well insulated.

  •  Would you refer us to a friend?

You would not believe how many people come up to us in the RV park and want to talk to us about our tiny house.  We have given tons of tours and make sure we direct everyone to the Zerosquard.ca website. It is so much fun getting people’s response’s as soon as they step in.

  •  If you had to do it over again, would you choose to go with ZeroSquared and the Aurora?

Yes, because like I said before if it weren’t for the double slide we would not be living in a tiny house on wheels.

  • Is there anything you feel that the Aurora is missing?

Not that we can think of.

  • Why did you decide to go tiny?

We wanted to simplify our lives by decluttering and getting rid of all the “Stuff”. We were tired of being slaves to a big house.  Wanted to retire sooner and travel. Stay as long as we want wherever we go and have our house with us.

  • What else would you like us to know?

That’s about it. We really Love our Aurora and plan on being in it for a long time.


We are incredibly happy and proud that these Aurora owners are loving their tiny home! We had so much fun getting to build their home and in helping them in living a life with more freedom!


If you’re ready to own an Aurora tiny home so you can live the life you’ve always wanted, reserve your Aurora today!