“Why not just get an RV?”

“I can get a fifth wheel for way cheaper”

“How is this any different from an RV?”

We’ve heard it before, and we’ll hear it again (but maybe less so after more people read this 😉 ).


We want to start off with saying we’re not against RVs. We definitely understand the desire for them and why some people may choose them over a tiny house. We love what an RV can offer someone, but the truth is that not everyone is looking for exactly that. So we created something that can fit the needs of a different market, buyer, person, etc. – tiny homes!


Even though the Aurora is technically considered an RV (thanks to our RVIA/CSA certification, making it easier to secure financing, insurance, and finding a place to put it), it couldn’t be made more differently. RVs are meant for frequent travel, making their main focus on reductions of the overall weight of the unit so you can drive it often. Not only that, but they really aren’t made for full time living – more like three seasons. Well, at least if you live in Canada or a northern state – I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to be in an RV when it’s -40 degrees Fahrenheit. RVs typically have 2 inch walls which don’t allow for much insulation to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer without having to blast the heat or AC. The Aurora tiny house has insulation values from R20-R42 and we’ve been told from our very first customers in Colorado that this winter, because the insulation is so efficient, they didn’t have to turn their heat on at night until it was about 20 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s about -5 Celsius)!


Another thing we love about the Aurora is the look and feel of it. It feels like a home. Not only that, but you are able to change and customize features based on your own personal style. Now, if two different people purchase the same RV, they’re likely both going to look extremely similar. Whereas with an Aurora tiny house, the ability to create a home that’s 100% unique to you is more than possible. Rustic, modern, classic – the possibilities are really endless, and we love that.


Lastly, let’s talk numbers. For comparison we’ll look at an “all season” RV like the 35’ Grand Design SOLITUDE 310GK at $102,000 CAD with 314sqft. With that you’re looking at about $324 CAD per square foot in the RV. It’s also important to note that this all season RV has R11 insulation in their walls, so “all season” may just depend on if you live in the right place. As a tiny house builder in Canada, we’re always sure to keep that in mind. In comparison, the Aurora tiny home which starts at $99,000 CAD has a total square footage of 374. This will come to a price per square foot of about $265 CAD which is quite a bit less than the RV. Not only are you getting a better deal on a price per square foot basis but we believe with the value in the insulation, the aesthetic, the quality materials, and more, you’ll be getting so much more with the Aurora tiny house.


So next time you find yourself asking the question, why not get an RV? Remember the reasons above, think about what your needs are, and determine what is really important to you, and maybe you’ll find that the Aurora is the perfect option!



Ready to own an Aurora? We’ve got one available that’s ready for immediate possession and it comes with a FREE upgrade worth $3,750 USD. We can also include some upgrades like a dishwasher or washer/dryer if you’d like! Order this Aurora in May and we’ll cover up to $2,000CAD of the shipping cost! Contact us here to let us know you want this Aurora!