Almost one year ago Country Living wrote about ZeroSquared and called the Aurora “the greatest tiny house ever.” A pretty bold statement, but a company that reviews tons of tiny homes has a pretty good idea of what makes a tiny house great, and they called it like they saw it – after seeing only renderings of the Aurora! So why is this the greatest tiny house ever? Keep reading to find out. And stay tuned for your chance to see inside the Aurora – a big reveal is coming soon!


So how could a company that just completed its first demo model have experience? Well, our lead designer Scott, aka the man with a plan and the guy with all the answers actually spent 14 months traveling around the US in a fifth wheel RV with his wife. Scott learned what it means to truly live tiny and what issues may arise when a unit isn’t designed with functionality in mind. Combine that with the almost 40 years of experience in building custom things the Westwind Design team brought to the table and you have an amazing combination.  An incredible amount of time, sweat, and tears (okay I might be lying about the last one – we may never know) went into the design to make it the most livable tiny home ever. A tiny home where you did not have to downgrade to downsize. The passion that Scott and the Westwind team have for this product is seen throughout the design and layout of the home and truly sets it apart from other tiny homes on the market.

Superior Structure

In our tiny homes we use RAY-CORE structural insulated panels (SIPs). These are used in our prefabricated wall and roof panels and are the most technically advanced SIPs on the market due to their notable high R-value to thickness ratio. This allows for comfortable living through every season – aka it keeps cold out in the winter and heat out in the summer. Standard RVs typically have R-values ranging from R15 to R25, while the Aurora has R26 and R42!


Ah yes, quality. A word that gets thrown around with reckless abandon. Well, we’re going to throw it out there too, but we actually mean it. We use maintenance-free Smart Board exterior cladding, zero VOC paint, solid wood countertops and more. Each of our selections was chosen with the intention of providing the highest quality home for you and your family. Our units are built for long term livability, safe living, and are engineered to the building standards of a traditional house. We’ve built it as though we were building it for ourselves to live in.


When you’ve looked at over 100 tiny homes, they all start to look the same. One skinny hallway with a galley kitchen and a lofted bedroom. All I can think of when I look at those designs is having to use a ladder to get down at 2am just to use the bathroom. Not in the Aurora. Our tiny home is unlike any other with our unique opposing expandable slides. We’ve taken RV technology, engineered it up, made it bigger and more robust, and included it in our homes to create a tiny home that doesn’t feel tiny. Our slides are motorized and can be expanded at the push of a button and create an extra 100+ sqft of living space for its owners. Not only do the slides provide more space, but they allow for more room in order to have separate living spaces. Oh and did we mention it’s a Murphy bed, so that space can double as an office, play area, entertainment area, or whatever your needs may be. And we’ve got a full size fridge and shower – talk about downsizing without downgrading!


We’ve got few (okay, a lot) more reasons why our tiny home is the best, but we’ll save those for another day.

And with our demo model complete and the first customer unit leaving our shop, we are just about ready to reveal the Aurora! Are YOU ready to see the greatest tiny home ever? Join our mailing list to follow us on our journey from renders to creation and get exclusive details and updates on tours, new models, and more!