Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchase Process

Why should I reserve?

As our Tiny Homes are customized to each of our customers needs we do not have the capacity to build everyone’s home at the same time. The reservation guarantees your home will be built with enough time for us to deliver it for when you need it.

What does it cost to reserve my Tiny Home?

If your preferred delivery date is 10 weeks or more from the time of the reservation:  All that is needed to secure your delivery date is fully refundable deposit of $1000

If your preferred delivery date is less than 10 weeks from the time of the reservation: We require a $10,000 non refundable deposit to secure your delivery date.

What happens after I reserve?

After you fill out a request to reserve,  a representative will contact you and lead you through the build process. You will also be presented with your customization options. They will explain the benefits of every feature and walk you through what you can expect in terms of payment schedule, delivery dates, and all other details.

Our payment schedule is follows:

  • 1/3 contract value prior to starting the home
  • 1/3 contract value two weeks after starting the home
  • Balance due prior to the home leaving our facility

Where Can I Park It?

Where can I park a tiny house?

Towns and cities all around North America are becoming more tiny home-friendly each month! However, your need to research and contact your local municipality as each city and area has it’s own land use designations.

An advantage of the ZeroSquared Tiny Homes is that they can be legally parked in RV parks and resorts (since they are CSA/RVIA Approved)

We continue to work with customers, land owners and municipalities on a case by case basis to get more approvals in place that will provide access to Tiny Homes in more locations. Feel free to reach out and we will be sure to try an provide you with some guidance on what is happening in your area.


What is the weight of your homes?

We have two terms when we discuss weight:

  • Dry Weight – we deliver our homes at around 12,000 – 14,000 pounds
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) – Our two axle homes have a GVWR of 16,500 and triple axles have a GVWR of 18,500

All of our homes have a capacity for around 3000 – 4000 pounds of contents

Are the wheels removable?

Our homes do not have a detachable trailer system, however the wheels can be removed by unbolting them from the axle and the chassis can be attached to a permanent foundation.  
If the customer has a permanent lot to place their home they can then site it on blocks and skirt it like they do on park models.

What type of vehicle is needed to transport your homes?

To legally and safely tow our homes you will need a one ton truck. That is an F350, or 3500HD

Do you deliver?

Where do you deliver?

We are able to deliver your home to most locations in Canada and the United States.

Rates are approximately $1.80 USD per mile up to a maximum delivery charge of $3,000 USD.

I live in the USA, are there any taxes or tariffs?

Canada is part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) so there are no cross border duties or taxes applicable for us to get the home to a customer living in the USA.

I live in the USA, do I have to manage the import process?

No. We manage all paperwork required to get your home imported into the USA

Certification & Warranty

What are the conditions of your warranty?

Please visit our ZeroSquared Tiny House Limited Recreational Vehicle Warranty page for specifics on our warranty policy.

Why is RVIA/CSA certification important to have?

Having RVIA/CSA certification allows for the tiny home to be labeled as an RV. This makes it easier to secure financing and insurance as well as finding places to park your home!

Buying a tiny home that has been through a certification process ensures it is safe to live in, operate and tow because we have to adhere to rules, regulations and testing procedures.

Can I come and see your facility?

Yes, absolutely. Contact us and let us know you’d like to tour our shop. We will arrange for that.


Why do you price in USD when you are a CDN company?

We price our homes in US dollars for two main reasons:

  1. The United States is by far our biggest market due to the ever increasing acceptance of these homes.
  2. To manage currency fluctuation. Our slide systems and many of our large capital items are manufactured in the USA and a major component of our design. We do try and source Canadian product whenever possible.


Can I finance through Zerosquared?

At this time ZeroSquared does not offer financing directly as we believe the best place to start is with the financial institution you bank with because its always easier to have the conversation with a financial institution you have a known relationship with.

That said….over time we have collected some alternate options that can assist you with loans or any other tiny home financing options you need:


Canada RV Finance 

Island Savings

Loans Canada


United States :


Arvest Bank

Discover Personal Loan


BB&T Bank


What should I say to my bank?

Financial institutions are conservative by nature so of course when you go to your bank and say “will you finance my tiny house?” they are likely to say one of two things, or both…a what? No!

Until there is a unified category for what a tiny house is, which comes from a unified certification process banks will continue to be conservative with their financing.

So whats the answer?

If the financial institution finances tiny homes and when we say that we mean they specifically say on their website “we finance Tiny Homes” then you are good to say we would like to buy a tiny house….

Next best option and by far the safest bet is to say you are buying an RV. Banks understand what an RV is and they know it can be secured and insured and that’s why all our homes come with an RV certification.


How are ZeroSquared tiny houses different?

ZeroSquared tiny homes are different in many ways. Our designs invite a large spectrum of people to the idea of tiny living by allowing them to downsize without downgrading. Most tiny homes are ecologically thoughtful, but the size, design and features may be hard to adapt to for those who are not used to rustic living. While most tiny houses have the bedroom in a loft with low ceilings, Aurora instead has it on the main floor. Using an expandable design makes the home a lot more comfortable and accessible to those who may not be able to use a ladder or cramped stairs easily. Our goal was to combine modern architectural methods with proven concepts to make the best tiny house you can find.

Specifically, ZeroSquared homes have a unique expandable design, made with environmentally-friendly structural insulated building panels, and are CSA and RVIA compliant; Meaning, you can get insurance and financing easily, and are built to a high standard. We encourage you to compare Aurora to other tiny homes as it will quickly show you it’s difference!

How do you define square footage?

Well….that’s a great question! Like most other tiny home manufacturers we define the overall square footage including the loft areas but we also define the main floor area and lofts as separate totals.

The way RVIA and CSA define square footage is by measuring the area of a shadow cast on the ground at high noon. Our main floor areas are as follows:

  • Aurora FKS is 341 sqft
  • Aurora RKS is 368 sqft
  • Willow is 238 sqft

As you can see our expanding rooms add close to 130 sqft to the main floor area


What isn't included in your homes?

Our homes will never include:

  • Mattress
  • Couch
  • Side tables
  • Non fixed lighting 
  • Television or fireplace (unless included in an upgrade)
  • Blinds or Linen
  • Decor and dishware

Am I able to live in your homes year-round?

All ZeroSquared models are built like a house and are suitable for any climate you expose them to. From frigid Canadian winters to the harsh heat of the Mojave desert, our homes will keep you comfortable. This is thanks to its superior building materials, construction and insulation that exceed that of code built residential homes.

How do utilities work?

There are many available options for utilities and should be selected depending on your use-intentions. If your home is stationed in an area where standard utilities are available, your tiny house can be tied into that system, similar to a regular secondary suite.

If you plan to travel or live off-grid with your home, your home can be self-sustained. Water tanks and rain barrels are commonly used, as well as a composting toilet. Satellite and wireless options are available for internet and cables purposes. Solar panels can also be installed as an alternative power source.

Why not an RV?

RV’s are great for what they are designed for – short term living and fantastic portability.  The biggest problem with living in an RV is that you FEEL like you’re living in an RV. At best, their aesthetics are uninspired and at worst, you feel like you’re living in a Styrofoam cooler.


At ZeroSquared livability and functionality were our biggest drivers when we designed Aurora. With such a high focus on aesthetics, quality, and functionality Aurora makes your feel like you’re living in a high-end custom craftsman cottage instead of a can of sardines.
Most tiny house dwellers choose to live in a semi-permanent location, possibly moving their tiny house a few times a year.

Are there off-grid options?

Yes. Going off grid requires careful consideration of your utility demands and access to renewable energy so its not a one size fits all. Feel free to contact us and we can help turn your off grid dream home into a reality!

Do you build custom homes?

Can I order a custom unit?

We offer a range of color palettes, material choices, mill work and finishes to fully customize the look and feel of YOUR Tiny Home. Feel free to connect with us and we can send you the full selections brochure.

Zerosquared also now offers full custom Tiny Home solutions. Bring us your napkin sketches, sketch up models…need a 5th wheel? have to accommodate 5 cats and two dogs?!? We will deliver you the same design lead approach and craftsmanship you see in Aurora for any custom build you can imagine…

Do you sell plans of your homes?

We only sell completed homes.