Frequently Asked Questions

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Why tiny?

In one word: Freedom. Freedom from being tied down to a huge mortgage. Freedom from being tied down to one location. Freedom to live a simpler life leading to a fuller life.

Why not an RV?

RV’s are great for what they are designed for – short term living and fantastic portability.  The biggest problem with living in an RV is that you FEEL like you’re living in an RV. At best, their aesthetics are uninspired and at worst, you feel like you’re living in a Styrofoam cooler.


At ZeroSquared livability and functionality were our biggest drivers when we designed Aurora. With such a high focus on aesthetics, quality, and functionality Aurora makes your feel like you’re living in a high-end custom craftsman cottage instead of a can of sardines.
Most tiny house dwellers choose to live in a semi-permanent location, possibly moving their tiny house a few times a year.

How are ZeroSquared tiny houses different?

ZeroSquared tiny homes are different in many ways. Our designs invite a large spectrum of people to the idea of tiny living by allowing them to downsize without downgrading. Most tiny homes are ecologically thoughtful, but the size, design and features may be hard to adapt to for those who are not used to rustic living. While most tiny houses have the bedroom in a loft with low ceilings, Aurora instead has it on the main floor. Using an expandable design makes the home a lot more comfortable and accessible to those who may not be able to use a ladder or cramped stairs easily. Our goal was to combine modern architectural methods with proven concepts to make the best tiny house you can find.

Specifically, ZeroSquared homes have a unique expandable design, made with environmentally-friendly structural insulated building panels, and are CSA and RVIA compliant; Meaning, you can get insurance and financing easily, and are built to a high standard. We encourage you to compare Aurora to other tiny homes as it will quickly show you it’s difference!

Do you offer multiple models?

We currently only offer the standard Aurora model:

The Aurora (CSA Approved Standard Model) $88,900 USD

What is included in the standard Aurora model?

Our standard model come with almost everything you see in our renders.

This includes:

  • Onboard freshwater, grey water and black water storage tanks
  • Electrical: 50amp grid tied system
  • Tankless Hot Water Heater
  • Low voltage and LED lighting throughout
  • Low flow water fixtures
  • Dual pane low-e windows
  • Raycore structural insulated wall panels – R26 with foil radiant vapor barrier
  • Raycore structural insulated roof panels – R42 with foil radiant vapor barrier
  • Typar® rainscreen and housewrap
  • Low/No VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds for improved health of occupants)
  • Maintenance-free corrugated seam metal roof
  • Pine wood paneling throughout interior
  • Maintenance-free Smart Board exterior cladding
  • Hurricane bolts, tie downs and straps
  • Full-size upper and lower kitchen cabinets
  • Food pantry
  • Solid oak or birch counter tops
  • Full-size stainless inset sink
  • Residential stainless faucet
  • Microwave
  • Whisper-quiet exhaust hood
  • Full size 30” wide stainless refrigerator
  • Stainless range with cook-top
  • Built-in dining room table and chairs
  • Murphy Bed system
  • Bedroom closet/storage
  • Residential 32”x 48” shower with sliding glass door
  • Full sized flush toilet with seat and cover
  • Whisper-quiet exhaust fan
  • Bathroom sink
  • Upper and lower bathroom cabinets

Our units do not include:

  • Queen-size mattress
  • Couch
  • Side tables
  • Television and computer
  • Decor and dishware

Can I finance Aurora through your company?

At this time ZeroSquared does not offer financing directly, but the following are some companies that can assist you with loans or any other tiny home financing options you need:


Canada RV Finance 

Island Savings

Loans Canada

Personal loan from bank or credit union


United States :

Arvest Bank

Discover Personal Loan

BB&T Bank


Personal loan from your bank or credit union

Where can I park a tiny house?

Towns and cities all around North America are becoming more tiny home-friendly each month! However, you need to be careful as each city and area has it’s own land use designations – check with local authorities to make sure your tiny home can stay where you want it. An advantage of the ZeroSquared homes is that they can legally park in RV parks (since they are CSA Approved), and have removable wheels allowing them to become permanent structures. ZeroSquared homes are also generally allowed anywhere you can have a secondary suite on your property.


What kind of toilet can I get installed in my Aurora?

The Aurora comes with a residential style toilet or you can upgrade to a compositing toilet.

Are there off-grid options for the Aurora?

Yes we offer solar packages that include deep cycle batteries, inverter, panels and installation:

1.5 kW System (6 panels) $12,011 USD
2.7 kW System (10 panels) $13,650 USD
3.2 kW System (12 panels) $14,890 USD

You can also choose to have a compositing toilet:

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet $1,365 USD

How is ZeroSquared different from other tiny home builders?

The ZeroSquared team is made up of talented designers, and experienced builders who have been making unique creations for over 37 years. The team is situated in the heart of Calgary, AB with a 12,000 sqft design and build workshop. This well-rounded team makes it possible to create extraordinary well thought out, practical tiny homes.

Am I able to live in Aurora year-round?

All ZeroSquared models are comfortable in any climate you expose them to. From frigid Canadian winters to the harsh heat of the Mojave desert, Aurora will keep you comfortable. This is thanks to its superior building materials, construction and insulation.

What type of vehicle is needed to transport Aurora?

Any truck or vehicle capable of towing 16,000 lbs or more will suffice.

Here are some common trucks that can tow the Aurora:
GMC Sierrra 2500HD
Ford F-250 Super Duty
Ram 3500
Ram 2500
Ford F-450 Super Duty
Ford F-350 Super Duty
Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD
GMC Sierra 3500 Denali HD

Where can I place my Aurora?

Where you can place your tiny home depends on what the zoning regulations are in your city or town. Your area may require you to have a certain sized plot of land for the size of your home. To find out what the rules are for your area  you will need to contact the city district you are in.

You can also place your tiny home in a mobile home park, or RV park as our Aurora units are CSA and RVIA approved. However, if we have made custom structural changes to your home it may no longer qualify for the certification.

Why is RVIA/CSA certification important to have?

Having RVIA/CSA certification allows for the tiny home to be labeled as an RV. This makes it easier to secure financing and insurance as well as finding places to park your home!

Are the wheels removable?

The Aurora does not have a detachable trailer system, but the wheels can be removed by unbolting them from the axle. 
If the customer has a permanent lot to place their home they can then site it on blocks and skirt it like they do on park models.

How do utilities work?

There are many available options for utilities and should be selected depending on your use-intentions. If your home is stationed in an area where standard utilities are available, your tiny house can be tied into that system, similar to a regular secondary suite.

If you plan to travel or live off-grid with your home, your home can be self-sustained. Water tanks and rain barrels are commonly used, as well as a composting toilet. Satellite and wireless options are available for internet and cables purposes. Solar panels can also be installed as an alternative power source.

What is the dry weight of Aurora?

The dry weight will depend on configuration, but will be between 11,000-11,750 lbs.

What is the square footage?

When fully expanded Aurora has 374 total square feet. 341 sqft of that is living space while the loft adds an additional 33 sqft.

Why should I reserve Aurora?

We are only building a limited number of first edition Aurora tiny homes. The individuals who reserve will have more customization options, and more input into the design and build of their tiny homes than later versions. Reserving an Aurora ensures you get one of the very first ones built!

What happens after I reserve?

After you fill out a request to reserve Aurora,  a representative will contact you and lead you through the build process. You will also be presented with your customization options. They will explain the benefits of every feature and walk you through what you can expect in terms of payment schedule, delivery dates, and all other details.

Where do you deliver?

We are able to deliver your Aurora to most locations in Canada and the United States.

What are the conditions of your warranty?

Please visit our ZeroSquared Aurora Tiny House Limited Recreational Vehicle Warranty page for specifics on our warranty policy.

What does it cost to reserve an Aurora?

A fully refundable deposit of $1000 is all it takes to reserve one of the first Aurora homes built.

How do I know you won’t take my money and run?

ZeroSquared is a division of WestWind Design Group, a company that has been around for 37 years and works on large-scale projects. ZeroSquared is committed to changing the tiny home landscape and to making Aurora one of the best tiny homes on the market. It is in our interest to make sure everyone who orders receives a high-end product they won’t stop raving about.

Do you sell plans of the Aurora?


Can I come and see your facility?

Yes, absolutely. Contact us and let us know you’d like to tour our shop. We will arrange for that.

Can I order a custom unit?

We can customize features of your Aurora that do not interfere with the structural layout of the unit. At the moment we are focusing on building the units as they are designed, but will be accepting custom projects in the future.