Downsizing to a tiny home is a fantastic life decisions for some people! However for others, they love the idea, but wouldn’t be able to make the transition. Whether it’s factors like large family size or having too many things, living in a tiny home is just not plausible for some.  The bright side of purchasing a tiny home with ZeroSquared is that you can have the power to transform it into many other useful spaces:

Office Space – Renting an office space in the city can be very costly over time! And trying to make an office space in your home work may be too chaotic if you have children or need to escape. Transforming your tiny home into an office or work area allows you to have a separate quiet space to work that can supply all your needs.

Rental/Guest Suite – Do the in-laws visit regularly? Do you want guests to feel comfortable while having your own space as well? Using a tiny home as a guest suite is a perfect way to host your guests without disrupting your routine.

Studio – If you take part in activities and hobbies that require more space and equipment, using your tiny home as a studio can be a great fix. You can easily use it as a yoga/fitness area, painting studio, workshop and more!

Man/Woman Cave – Always dreamed of having a man or woman cave, but don’t have room in your own house? Behold, your tiny sanctuary! Use this space to relax, entertain and even store all of your collectibles.

Mobile Show Rooms – It can be difficult finding an affordable space to showcase items. With a tiny home you can stage a room with material or colours choices and move it to many different locations!

Pop Up Shop – More businesses are choosing to create pop up shops or mobile stores as they have the ability to reach more people without the steep costs of renting a retail space. Tiny homes can be designed into a great retail store or service shop that you can transport!

Anything we missed? We’d love to hear your ideas. Comment below with any other great uses for tiny homes! If you’re ready to have a tiny space of your own contact us for more information!