The Construction

Look at the different elements that make up the construction of the Aurora tiny home!


ZeroSquared Tiny Homes uses environmentally-friendly structural insulated building panels composed of prefabricated polyurethane foam insulation wrapped in a vapor barrier. This allows for an extremely tight fit which keeps the inside in and the outside out.  The panels have a Class 1 fire rating and the studs encapsulated in impermeable foam and vapor barrier prevents rot.

Simply top of class.


A custom designed and fabricated trailer measuring 26 feet.  Designed to be lighter and stronger than most trailers.


A 24” cooktop, a 30” wide refrigerator, microwave and exhaust hood are just few of the kitchen conveniences to be found in a ZeroSquared home.  Solid beech wood counter tops (other options available), pendant and recessed lighting all come together to create a design that your big house friends will be jealous of.


Situated on the main floor and large enough for a queen sized bed means no more having to hunch or climb ladders to enjoy a good night’s rest.  It ingeniously doubles as your home office when not being used.


A full sized 32”x 48” standing shower, a large vanity with sink and storage make you forget you are in a tiny home. Designed with purpose and usability in mind.


Ample storage is available in multiple cabinets and spaces.  Storage spaces are available above the couch, above the TV, the TV bench, cabinet besides the couches, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and the entire loft.