Our new Willow Tiny House is the Zerosquared version of a traditional tiny…except that we have a main loft level that is HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE. By day it tucks away into the ceiling leaving a full 9′ of head room, by night it lowers to a comfortable 48″ from the ground.

Like all of our homes the Willow will be an RVIA/CSA certified tiny house and will feature all of the detailing and design on display in our Aurora models.

The Willow is in development and we are accepting pre-orders now.

350 total square feet

(238 main floor, 112 lofts)

sleeps 4

(6 with sofa bed)

From $69,000

($197 USD per sqft)

One Ton Towable

Dual axle – 16,500 GVWR

28′ x 8.5′ x 13’4″

Introducing our Elevator Loft...

The fully automated elevator loft which comes standard in our Willow Tiny House will allow you to transform your space for optimal daytime & nighttime living all at the touch of a button!

Daytime Sleeping Loft Position

During the day the primary sleeping loft can be tucked up against the ceiling to provide a full 8′ of head height on the main floor

Nighttime Sleeping Loft Position

When its time for bed the primary sleeping loft can be lowered to within 4′ of the main floor to provide a 6′ head height and just a few steps to the main floor!

Willow 28'
From: $69,000 USD/$89,000 CAD* which includes:
350 square feet of living space!
RVIA, CSA certified
Purpose built engineered chassis
Our fully integrated slide system
Walls - R20 closed cell two pound spray foam insulation
Roof - R34 closed cell two pound spray foam insulation radiant vapour barrier
Main Floor - R42 batt insulation
Plygem dual pane low-e vinyl windows with a choice of two exterior colors
Full-size stainless kitchen sink & faucet
Full-size upper and lower kitchen cabinets and full sized food pantry
Butcher block counter tops
Full size 30" Microwave
Full size 30” wide stainless refrigerator
Stainless gas range with cook-top
Whisper-quiet exhaust fan
On demand Water Heating System
Convection Electric Wall Heaters
LED Lighting fixtures
Metal Clad Exterior Door
Maintenance-Free Exterior Cladding
knotty Pine interior cladding
Maintenance-free corrugated seam metal roof
Bedroom closet/storage
Residential 32”x 60” shower or tub
Upper and lower bathroom cabinets
Full sized RV toilet
Bathroom Sink & Faucet
Whisper-quiet exhaust fan
Bathroom Countertop
50amp Grid Connection wiring
12v/120v 50amp Breaker Panel
Propane System
Grid tied Fresh Water Connection
Grid tied grey/black water sewer connections
*CAD pricing subject to currency exchange at time of order